The Organs of Speech

An examination of various hierarchies, Mason Thorne's "The Organs of Speech" plays with the first-person narrative by trading places between Abe, recently discharged from rehab, and Isaac, his estranged son. Questions of loyalty, trust, and honesty plague their efforts at reconnection. The tension reaches a tipping point as Isaac reveals to his father the very thing he was running away from: the voices. The result is an experiential trip--a tug of war--between father & son, junkie & family member, cameraman & subject.

The tension in not knowing who’s on the other side of Abe’s efforts at reconnection explodes in violence, both physical & emotional.
— Evan Louison (Filmmaker Magazine)
I felt like I was in the hands of very capable filmmakers who were doing a fine job of creating a sense of intense foreboding. The film looks and sounds terrific.
— Dan Rybicky (Director of Almost There)
Starring: Chris Froseth & John Robinson
Director: Mason Thorne
Editor: Benton Africano
Producer: Harrison Rothman
Producer: PJ Fishwick
Post Production Supervisor: Laurie Adrianopoli
Cinematographer: Jordan Holtane
Production Designer: Amanda Brinton
Sound Designer: Ryan Staples