S  I  N  C  E  R  L  Y

Music Video Concept by Mason Thorne

Firstly, thanks so much for reaching out. I love the track and the new album rings very honest and personal, still keeping the signature Stephen swagger. I’m excited to apply the same care and passion that Stephen has managed with his music, toward visuals.

What struck me about Sincerely was both its intimacy and its scale. It feels big like a call to arms, but resonates as a personal journey. Outwardly it’s about the changing tides of global culture, but inwardly it’s about learning to cope with it all. We’ve all felt overwhelmed, drowning in the immensity of it all. Sincerely expresses immensity and still offers hope.

So, this was my jumping off point.

This concept explores the complexity of a single thought, but can also be used to connect humanity through one visual device: layers. Through the following test footage I found that there were so many possibilities inherent within this visual device that the sky is the limit.

Each layer is a different moment, an attempt at a copy, but the nuances and differences between each take are what make is so interesting to watch. We move from the many layers of Stephen and bring in people from all walks of life, layered together, singing the same words.

We tilt down and move across the floor. Layer by layer, waves emerge. A hand bursts through the water. Stephen claws at the water in slow motion. As much as this song speaks to hope and revolution, the video should express the overwhelming motivations for this revolution. 


The drifting dreamy layers can come together, giving the viewer moments of clarity, punctuating lyrics and actions, then drifting back into shifting layers. Colorful lights glow on the edges of Stephen as he sings, when layered they mix creating a third color with a border of shifting hues.

To keep the images clear we'll need a relatively blank canvas as a backdrop. Something that complements the ethereal quality of the images and allows us a lot of play. A white warehouse or studio space with tall bright windows would spill beautiful light across our subjects.

We position people and lights within the open space, one in each take. Once layered, there will be a ghostly crowd, adding to the scale of the video, the depth of the shot, and the use of the space.

These visuals paired with Stephen's powerful lyrics and the tone of the track will create an beautiful and emotional experience for viewers. The goal being to match Stephen's passionate expression in a way that is both unique and mature.

I would love to collaborate with Stephen and Halfway House Records and share more of my ideas for this project.

Thank you for the opportunity, sincerely.

- Mason