"'White Dove' was my first song that flowed directly from anger. It was this confluence of my angst toward the recent election - the bitter spitefulness from the bully right who I had so much experience with growing up in South Carolina - and this restrictive regime I was trapped under in my personal life." - Koda

This lighthearted collaboration with the 51st Chicago International Film Festival showed before film screenings throughout the festival. It takes a humorous and sincere approach to the festival's theme: "Because everybody loves movies."

A promotional video celebrating Lycée Français de Chicago's 20th anniversary in time for their annual soirée. Beyond French immersion, the video shows off Lycée's broad range of classes, diversity of environment, and the intimacy of the classroom.

A  short examination of various hierarchies, Mason Thorne's The Organs of Speech plays with the first-person narrative by trading places between Abe, recently discharged from rehab, and Isaac, his estranged son. Their efforts at reconnection are plagued by questions of loyalty, trust, and the voices in their heads. 

An audio / video installation located in the Chicago Arts District. 6 screens mounted in a storefront window and a headphone kiosk allow passersby to leave the street and enter the seemingly contradictory world of the urban dwellers who can be both surrounded and alone.  

Cradle Song is a 16mm film based on thoughts of doom. Starring Chicago dance choreographer Benjamin Wardell. Music by Infinite Body "Carve Out The Face of My God"

The official music video for Perfect Home a track from Foreign Field's album Anywhere But Where I Am.

Gigantomachia is an urban fairytale following the plights of an immigrant family in Chicago. The narrative was released as both a web series and as a medium-length film for festival submissions.